My top 10 insights re Mobile: From Pope Francis 2005, 2013

The lower image was taken at the announcement of the new Vatican – Pope Francis. (see slide #8 here). (I could not track the upper image, combined image appeared in

According to this chart (published 13-mar-2013), it is estimated that Google activates “around 1.4 million Android devices per day.

[if you know of updated iOS data I would love to post them here as background.]

So what is the meaning of mobile devices (phones + tables + minis), here are my top 10 insights.

(1) More people are and will connect to the world via these mobile devices.

(2) We are using computers less and less. In fact, the use of computers is now kept just for more complex tasks (documents, excel, design, etc.) Regular use (surfing the net, video, Facebook, email) is done much easier with mobile devices.

(3) Mobile is not a computer. It is much more: a computer, bunch of sensors, cloud computing. This is a qualitative difference.

(4) If you are an established firm and have no mobile web site — you are loosing.

(5) If you are an ICT start-up that has NO mobile strategy — you are lost.

(6) You have to think well about native apps vs. HTML5. (I vote for HTML5 — but it is slow to come). (disclosure 1: I’m the head of the W3C office in Israel; disclosure 2: W3C IMHO are too slow in HTML5)

(7) More people are using the internet via apps (less via browsers).

(8) There will be limits to bandwidth (even with 4G),  net neutrality is not possible.

(9) Lots of new opportunities for mobile applications. Industries will change (some will die: newspapers as we know them. Finally, I canceled my last paper this January).

(10) New devices — iOS watch, Google Glass will bring even more value.

and for fun, two videos about these new devices:

Video about the Apple Watch: of Google Glass

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