25-May-2016 (Hong Kong): MaB Workshop (Mindfulness and Business)

The purpose of the MaB workshop is to allow reflective practitioners of mindfulness to share issues (and specifically questions) they have encountered during their research/training/practice of mindfulness in the organizational settings. The mood is “open and managed sharing.”  We assume relevant partnerships will naturally emerge between like-minded people.

0900-1000 Meet and connect
1000-1015 Open: Prof. Yesha Sivan – The Gist of the Day
1015-1045 Morning Meditation
1100-1145 S1: Dr. Helen Chan – Research framework for testing of mindfulness on organizational innovation.
1145-1230 S2: Dr. Keren Tsuk – Introduction to MBIL: Mindfulness based innovation leadership
1230-1300 D1: Discussion session
1300-1400 Mindfulness Lunch
1400-1445 S3: Prof. Yesha Sivan – Lessons from Muse  
1445-1530 S4: Dr. Roy Horan – Creativity
1530-1615 S5: Mr. Ernest Ng – Mindfulness and sustainable decision making
1615-1700 S6: Ms. Martha Collard – Mindfulness@work & gong session
1700-1800 D2: Discussion session
1800-1900 Relaxation and emailing time
1900-           Dinner (optional)

Invites: Limited seating, by invitation. If interested – and can commit for the day – please email Dr. Helen Chan. [email protected].

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