2-Nov-2017: Prof. Yesha Sivan’s talk at BOAO Youth Forum about The Future of Globalization

The 2017 BOAO Youth Forum for Asia is widely regarded as Asia’s most influential forum, bringing together the most prominent leaders from politics, economics, business, and academic across the regions. Scheduled to be held in 2-Nov-2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, this year’s edition initiates a thought-provoking discussion under the theme “The Future of Globalization and Free Trade – The Role of Youth”.

Prof. Yesha Sivan, Executive Director of the Coller Institute of Venture, will speak at the Forum, among this year’s other keynote speakers.


The BOAO Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong) is an annual forum that is gathering political, business, and intellectual leaders from the region and across the world to engage in brainstorming and clashing of ideas on topics of finance, culture, education, science and technology, society and sustainable development with young people, listen and elaborate their points of view, and collectively analyze the opportunities and challenges ahead for the future development of Asia and the world.

As the primary dialogue platform between Asia and emerging economies, the BOAO Forum for Asia is committed to promoting Asian economic integration and mutual development across the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2009, the Y.Elites Association has partnered with BFA to jointly organize the BOAO Youth Forum (Hong Kong).

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Over 5000 world-renowned experts, scholars, famous entrepreneurs and representatives of the business sector attended the forum.

See the summary here: https://news.cgtn.com/news/3d6b444f7a514464776c6d636a4e6e62684a4856/share_p.html

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