9-Mar-2018: HKMA EOL (Essence of Leadership) — Getting to the CORE

I’m giving a lecture at AMD – HK Institue of Advanced Management Development about the Essence of 21st Innovation Leadership: Getting to the CORE

Friday, 9-Mar-2018
8:30 am – 9:30 am
Central, Hong Kong

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Enquiries: Ms Diana Li (+852 2774 8552 / [email protected])(www.hkma.org.hk/sivan/leadership)


Consider these trends:

  • An entire Chinese generation DOES not know the internet because their world is mastered by WeChat;
  • Classical US retail giants like Target or even Walmart are losing because of Amazon and Alibaba;
  • Machine learning is “eating” our jobs;
  • Russia is meddling with USA elections with fake news; and
  • Syrians kill themselves because they think the world is on Facebook.
  • “The gig economy…is now estimated to be about 34% of the workforce and expected to be 43% by the year 2020”.

In this talk, Professor Yesha Sivan will share his views on the nine key factors of these trends – focusing on:

  • The three 21st century global forces (fast, messy, global)
  • The three PIE modes of operation (planning, implementation, evaluation)
  • The three key innovation leadership qualities (openness, focus, control) and how to train yourself for them (“orange bike“)

In the Q&A session we will discuss how to bring more openness, focus on the control into the workplace, using the four modes of enculturation formal training, modeling, interaction, and feedback.


HKMA Members: HK$100
Non-members: HK$280

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