Can the next “Joker” be a Steve Jobs? (or why you must see the movie)

For me, the Joker ( has one main story and many small ones.

The main story: how does our society deal with unfortunate people.

Many of us are fortunate, namely born at the right place, met the right people, and took the right turns. Some of us are less fortunate, namely born at the wrong place, met the wrong people, and took the wrong turns.

What should be our approach to the unfortunate? Help them and maybe get Steve Jobs, or not and get a “Joker.”

The Joker, in another world, could have been Steve Jobs. If he was allowed to have a new family or a new start. Yet in the movie, we see step by step, how society fails to support the Joker. From the treatment of his mother to his “friend” who gives him a gun only to diminish the Joker in front of their boss. (That “friend” will have a meeting with the Joker towards the end in a not-for-kids scene).

How can society deal with the unfortunate and to what level is THE question of the modern fast, messy, & global — digitally enhanced — world.
So this movie does *make you think* — a sharp contrast to our Netflix/Amazon TV shallow shows.
As a bonus, the story flows well, with many sub-stories — all enhanced by the wonderfully unique music.
Go see it, you will thank me.

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