Dream Big! Prof. Sivan talks with Chemi Peres in the 2020 Israeli Hi-Tech Book (TheMarker)

Prof. Yesha Sivan, a global expert on technological and venture capital innovation, talks to Chemi Peres, Co-Founder & Managing General Partner of the Pitango Venture Fund, and Chairman of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. They discuss big dreams, daring, and inspiration in a world undergoing fast and radical technological change. “The next era is the era of peace and ‘Tikun Olam’ (world repair) through technological innovation,” says Peres.

I was invited to hold an in-depth conversation about dreams, not dreams in the Freudian sense of the word, but reality-shaping dreams, facing the technological change and the globalization process that today’s world is going through, towards 2020, with the opening of the second decade of the 21st century.

Read the article here (Hebrew)

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