DRS (Digital Mindset) – June Series: Accelerating Change

We are facing a change in the coming months — And not just any change — but an accelerated change. The June topic at the Digital Mindset “Live” –Month of the Panther: “Accelerating Change.” Tuesdays at 10:00 AM.

Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Eilon. Founder: Prof. Yesha Sivan
Leaders: i8 Ventures | Accenture Israel

More information and registration: https://digitalrosh.me/3dsqlkW

This month’s series includes:

June 9 – Accelerating Change: The Sales World – A Case Study in the Automotive Industry; conversation with Dani Shavit, CEO of Lubinski Group

June 16 – Accelerating Change: Cyber – Cyber Trends and Innovations; Conversation with Roee Schreiber, Global Lead, Application Security at Accenture Israel, and Arik Kleinstein, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Glilot Capital Partners.

June 23 Accelerating Change: The World of Work -A Case Study of Maccabi Health Services; Conversation with Ofir Kadosh, Maccabi Health CIO, and Shelly Lev, Human Resources Manager, Accenture Israel

June 30 – Accelerating Change: The Security World – IDF Case Study; Conversation with Brigadier General Ziv Avtalion, Digital Transformation, IDF, and Talya Gazit (Col. Res.), CEO & Founder G-TOS.

The previous month we dealt with “the three New Normals (3NN)” through four angles: Overview (national, organization, individual), board of directors, CEOs, and leaders. Following corona, each is required (or rather requested or required) to lead change. And not just change – but accelerated change. The main theme of June 2020 – the month of accelerating of change (and thus, we move from the Black Swan to the Panther, an animal known for its speed and acceleration capability.)

See the June series promo (Hebrew) for a review of the subjects.

The broadcast will be run on Zoom Webinar technology (which requires personal access) and will have the following standard schedule:

10:00-10:50 An in-depth presentation of the meeting topic by the presenting guests.
10:50-11:10-minute refreshment break.
11:00-11:40 Open and guided discussion with the guest, community members, and panelists.
11:40: 11:50 Finish and evaluate.

More information and registration: https://digitalrosh.me/3dsqlkW

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