A new online advanced course (Hebrew): “From Traffic-Lights to Rainbow: Tools and Case Studies


This advanced course is based on my academic course given for over 10 years on MBA, EMBA, and executive training programs at leading universities such as Tel Aviv University, the Technion, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong.

The current version has been adapted for integrated learning (synchronous and asynchronous) for the Israeli market and will be conducted in Hebrew.

The course is comprised of Theory, Practice, and peer-learning.

Theory: Six 3-hour academic sessions in which we will review advanced models for business-technological leadership in the era of the three normals:

🚦 Traffic Light: Ready, set; go! Act…
😡 The Red Track: Avoiding failures
🌊 Digital Blue Ocean: Design processes, products, and services
🚴‍♂️The Orange Mind Bike: openness, focus, control
💚 The Green Route: Ensure success
🌈 Rainbow: Supertrends in Digital

Practice: Case studies in which theory meets reality. Leading lecturers from the following organizations:

  • Yael Tzach, deputy CEO at The National Digital Bureau
  • Prof. Rachela Popovzer from Bar Ilan University: Pharmaceuticals and Nanotechnology
  • Galit Mordoch from the business division at Bank Hapoalim – 360 degrees around the customer
  • Assaf Bassi from Bermad – 18 months of digital transformation
  • Chemi Peres from the Pitango VC – to dream big with digital
  • Julia Zaher from Tahina Al-Arz – digital leadership in the Arab society

Peer learning: Self-learning and group-learning with over 300 items of knowledge, case studies, and videos, featuring (among others):

  • Amnon Neubach, Chairman of the Israeli Stock Exchange
  • Brigadier-General Ziv Avtalion, IDF Digital Transformation Brigade
  • Dr. Tom Schonberg, from the interdisciplinary Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University
  • Ayelet Verbin-Nachmias, VP of the Manufacturers’ Association
  • Dan Feld, Organizational Director at Google
  • Yaffa Ben-Ari, Ambassador of Israel to Japan
  • Etel Molcho, CEO of Femi Premium
  • Danny Shavit, CEO of Lubinski Automotive

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