Digital Leadership Course: Harness the Digital Power

About: Following COVID-19 The world is accelerating – faster, more efficient, more frenetic, more scary. Thus, leadership in organizations requires digital leadership. Course sessions will include: The digital mindset in the new era, the digital power – The Basis for an innovation strategy, The technologies that drive change, digital-based business models, Five Types of digital-based Innovation, Mastering Six transformations. The “Digital Leadership” course will be held in Q1-2022 using the LLL method (a combination of peer learning, theory, and practice). The course is intended for anyone who is a leader in an organization or sees themselves as a digital leader now or in the future.

Outline of the meetings

Session 1: The Digital Mindset in the New Era

When: Wednesday 17:00-20:00 – 26 January 2022

What: We will examine whether the organization leaders understand that the organization is at a critical point called the “strategic inflection point”. Further, will we examine the features that will help the organization reduce the gap between the organization’s development and the development of technology?

Session 2: Digital Power – The Basis for an Innovation Strategy

When: Wednesday 17:00-20:00 – 02 February 2022.

What: Fast Messy and Global, the intensity of change, the connection between transient concepts and leadership (the plastic chair model, why do some companies grow and others wither?).

Session 3: The technologies that are driving the change

When: Wednesday 17:00-20:00 – 09 February 2022.

What: About the evolution from data processing to technologies that ignited the revolution: social networks, mobile, analytics, cloud computing, and other technologies including 3D printing, Machine Learning, Robotics, Virtual Reality, and more. (Technology, applications, and trends).

Session 4: Digital Business-Based Models with the Blue Ocean

When: Wednesday 17:00-20:00 – 16 February 2022.

What: The impact of digital technologies on the competitive advantage, blue ocean, and canvas strategy. A value curve is a practical tool for developing digital-based innovation (55 general business models).

Session 5: Five Types of Digital Innovation

When: Wednesday 17:00-20 00 – February 23, 2022.

What: A review of five types of digital-based innovation:

  • Kind 1: Supporting Innovation (Big, Medium, Small)
  • Kind 2: Generating Innovation
  • Kind 3: Analytics for Innovation
  • Kind 4: Sub-Systems for Innovation
  • Kind 5: Building Innovation Platforms

Session 6: Lead Digital Through Control of Six Transformations

When: Wednesday 17:00-20:00 – 09 March 2022.

What: Digital and leadership, innovation and leadership. What are the tools of the leader in the organization in the digital age? In this session we will present six transformations (three internal and three external) that controlling them means digital leadership:

Three EXTERNAL transformations:

  • From atoms to bits
  • From places to spaces
  • From products to services

Three INTERNAL transformations:

  • From sustainable to transient competitive advantage
  • From disruptive innovation to “killer” innovation
  • From classical business models to digital business

More details and registration

  1. Course language:
    The program is delivered in Hebrew. Some of the study materials are in English.
  1. Study hours:
    Fellow learning: 18 academic hours in Wednesday meetings 17:00-20:00
    Theory: Watching, reading in self-study for about 18 hours
    Practice: Watching, reading in self-study for about 18 hours
  1. Cost:
    Full price 4,188 NIS + VAT (= 4900 NIS).
    Until January 24, 2022 or the end of registration
  1. Digital Head Subscription:
    Course participants will receive a subscription to DigitalRosh site for one year. The site includes over 600 items of knowledge, case studies, videos relevant to digital leaders and free participation in the DigitalRosh “Live” with Yaakov Ayalon and Professor Yesha Sivan.
  1. Technical details:
    Upon confirmation of registration, participants will receive a code for the course book.
    And will also receive a personal Zoom-type link before each meeting on Wednesdays.

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