02-Feb-2022: NFT#2 Israel Conference – Prof. Sivan Keynote Presents the Metaverse

NFT ISRAEL # 2 conference of the Blockchain Excellence Center at the Information Technology Bureau in collaboration with Act Shenkar Engineering & Art Design took place on 2.2.22 with an amazing number of participants and in collaboration with the European Blockchain Association and the public company for digital assets Tectona.

About 2,200 views on social media and over 300 participants physically, filled the conference halls and classrooms with an exciting and enriching intellectual festival. The conference was led and moderated by Dr. Milly Perry, Chair of the Center of Excellence in Blockchain at the Israel Information Technology Bureau.

Prof. Sivan, as the keynote speaker, opened with a presentation about the Metaverse, or as he calls it – The Age of 3D3C: Digital, Design, Development – Community Creation, & Commerce. He has been researching this field since the early 2000s and presented the history and the beginning, while wondering about its future, demonstrating the successes and failures of innovative technologies of the past. Prof. Sivan emphasized the power and importance of digital force – and the leadership that should pay attention to its presence.

The agenda of the day, lectures, & panels recordings can be found on the NFT #2 Israel conference website.

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