22-Oct-2022, Madrid: EGM Conference for E3 Agencies

The E3 International Network 2022 conference hosted Prof. Sivan for a full day of workshops, lectures, and discussions on digital leadership. The EGM conference took place in Madrid on October 22, 2022.

Thanks to our community member Ms. Orit Oz, founder and CEO of OZ Global B2B, who made the connection with E3 – an international network of independent agencies dealing with marketing, brand strategy, and communication.

OZ Global B2B shared photos and insights from the event: “After a day of internal knowledge sharing we had an intensive and inspiring day with Prof. Yesha Sivan about digital leadership, giving us all great value and endless thoughts regarding the value we can all bring to our customers..”

Mr. Michael Meier, President of E3, added: “We just did “Digital Leadership – Harnessing the Digital Power “ with 35 E3 Agency Network owners and management from all over the world. It has given us a highly structured joint basis for company and business development… and it was great fun, too!”

Photos: OZ Global B2B Facebook page

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