Why Microsoft Is Willing to Invest in ChatGPT

DW News discussed the potential for OpenAI ChatGPT with Prof. Yesha Sivan, the good, the bad, and the revolution.

Microsoft is in talks to invest 10 Billion dollars in OpenAI – the creator of the artificial intelligence bot ChatGPT. ChatGPT has received worldwide attention since its launch less than 2 months ago and gained its first million users in less than a week. The bot’s ability to gather information and imitate human conversation has led to speculation it could one day replace professional writers, and even threaten Google’s search engine. OpenAI, whose founders included Elon Musk, currently makes its money by licensing out its technology.

It is both exciting and frightening, says Prof. Sivan. Its main threat is in replacing the standard Google search: instead of getting several options and proposals to your question – we will get the answer.

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