Radio Reka Interview: The AI Chatbot Revolution

There has been a revolution taking place in the digital world that could be as impactful as the invention of the personal computer, the internet, or smartphones. It is conversational Artificial Intelligence that draws data from the web to write readable text and even generate new images. Just a few months ago OpenAI launched ChatGPT and it became so popular that Microsoft just invested 10 billion dollars into it. Now Google has unveiled a new chatbot tool, dubbed “Bard,” as a rival to ChatGPT. Chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence and language processing to let computers converse with humans. But it’s potentially much, much more. It can imitate human creativity and some speculate it could replace many professions.

Prof. Yesha Sivan, the founder and CEO of DigitalRosh, a life-long learning platform for digital leaders, explained to reporter Arieh O’Sullivan how it works and just how revolutionary a development this is.
Recording at Reka English News website

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