5-May-2023: AI Regulation – DW Business Talks With Prof. Sivan

Following US Vice President Kamala Harris’s meeting with the CEOs of leading tech companies, including Microsoft, Alphabet, and OpenAI, DW Business discussed AI regulation with Prof. Yesha Sivan.



The White House warned the world’s top AI developers of their ‘moral and legal’ responsibilities’ to ensure the safety of their products. Harris warned of the risks of unregulated development of AI products, and the White House later announced plans for 140 million dollars in new AI research. Regulating tech and AI has largely fallen to US agencies, despite growing public calls for more focused action.


Prof. Sivan answers DW host’s questions like the need and the ability of governmental regulation on this fast-developing technology; how scared we should be of artificial intelligence; the role of the US in the global market, and more.


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