i24 News Interview: The Potential Effect of AI on the Middle East

i24News anchor Jacob Eilon interviews Professor Yesha Sivan on the potential influences of AI on the Middle East.



AGI – says Prof. Sivan – is the most interesting and devastating technology invented in the last 250 years. A technology that even its inventors have no idea how it really works.

Prof. Sivan answers and explains questions about ChatGPT – which is only one example of AGI – Artificial General Intelligence. Other examples include Midjourney, Medical implementations, and more. AGI is a system that gives us general intelligence – a combination of forecasting in a big data environment and on a very large scale.



Special effects for the Middle East can be shifts in jobs and career options, dangers of distinguishing fake from true, and social gaps between those who use and are knowledgeable with the use of AGI systems and those who don’t.


Below is the full interview (Video, 5.5 min.)

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