Radio talk: Adeena Sivan discusses AGI with Yesha Sivan

Adeena Sivan, a teacher, is hosting a special Radio show (in Hebrew) on Kol Ramat-Hasharon 103.6 FM, where she talks with other teachers about teaching, learning, and all that is in between.

Adeena has been my partner for more than 30 years and the mother of my children. On June 13, 2023, she invited me to her show to talk about Artificial intelligence, AGI, and the influences it has and will have on our lives. 

We talked about AGI in medicine, art, communication, and news. Adeena asked about AGI goals and its usage, regulations, copyright issues, risks, and opportunities. We also discussed the differences between AGI and Virtual Worlds and avatars.

I also explained the technology itself, what options there are now (ChatGPT, Bard, Dall-E, and others,) how it works, available tools, what they do, and whether we can trust its mentorship suggestions, for example, analyses and bits of advice. Other issues were the legal aspects, the future of the world of work, jobs, working places, the economy, and programming. To summarize the discussion, we talked about the human aspect, what we (and our students and children) need to do now in preparing ourselves for the AGI future, a change not like any other before.

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