Enterprise 2.0 Presentation – Yesha

Lots of people asked for my Enterpise 2.0 presentation. So here it is.
This version is taken from the People and Computer conference — so it is the latest. Have fun…

See the presentation in PDF format.
Claim: Web 2.0 is here. Lots of buzz.

–Time – person of the year is you.

–MySpace – 580m$ by NewsCorp

–You-Tube – 1.65B$ by Google.

–Lots of news coverage (media feeds itself a bit – blogs writing about blogs, about wikis etc.)

What does the enterpise need to explore

–1. Internally

–2. Externally

–3. And in terms of the way we do business (new products, new services, new partners etc)

There are no definite answers – mainly questions, we are all learning

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