Enterprise 2.0 — People and Computers Conference — Presentations

“People and Computers” Productions hosted a conference Enterprise 2.0.
The program was developed by Raz Hypherman of Bezeq (the largest Israeli Telco), Gadi Ariav (Tel Aviv University) and Yesha Sivan (Afeka College).

We got good feedback re the conference from many people. Thanks you.
I am adding the presentations here as I get them

The Enterprise 2.0 (English)– Web 2.0 – Dr. Yesha Sivan, Afeka College
Why is this important – Ranit Zexer, CTO, Matrix
The VC point of view – Yaron Polak, Genesis Partners

Custumer point of view:
E-web 2.0 (Hebrew) – Raz Heiferman, Bezeq Corporate Computing
What is Web 2.0 at McKinsey (English) – David Chin, McKinsey
The CEO point of view – Erez Meltzer, CEO Africa-Israel Investment

Supplier Point of view:
How to do it – Prof. Gadi Ariav, Tel Aviv University, Business School
Supplier Mapping – Jimmy Schwarzkopf , STKI
What do we think? – Mor Sagmon, SAP

Enterprise 2.0 Keynote:
Presented by: Pini Burtman, IBM Global Technology Unit
David Boloker, CTO for emerging Internet Technology, IBM Software Group, Cambridge USA.
IBM Enterprise 2.0 strategy = Innovation + Middleware

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