Metaverse Work… see Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon has a service called the Mechanical Turk. This is a tool that allow people with a need for HIT (Human Intelligent Tasks) to find people that will do it for them. While tasks pay between few cents (to the simple ones) and up to a dollar or more for more elaborate ones. Sample tasks:
– Review my blog.
– Send 3D ultrasound photos.
– Transcribe something. (I did that).
– Review a web site and let me know how to improve it (I did that).
– Some of the tasks are generated by computers via API (and not by people); for example there is a tasks that slice a podcast into 9 min section for transcribing.

Now, take that into the the Metaverse. This means that you could hire hosts; have virtual guides, builders, things do not need to be in sync, work can be auctioned out. This is world wide 24 hrs a day.

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