Blog Was Down Sorry …. Google Blogger with Google Apps

My blog was down for about 36 hours. I am sorry… and thanks to those that reported it. The reason: a CLASH between Google Blogger and Google apps.

I was testing Google Apps (and was foolish enough .. or may be too eager) to use the same domain In any event, Google apps “stole” the DNS record from Blooger. There was no way I could return it to Blogger.

I called Google Support… yes (I do pay money for this… so Google actually answered!!!). Well after 4 calls… (still not sure how) it was fixed and I got my beloved blog back. (thanks).

BTW, Google support included 3 people all very nice — but not fully aware of how critical this problem was for me. I called all over the day including night and I did get Google to get back to me. Also the Email path was nice (I did submit a ticket over email too).

So… bottom line:
1. Apps is new (even Google is not fully aware of all its side issues). Enterprise computing is not the Internet. It seems that Google know that (see support).
2. If you play with your production (my blog) expect some bugs! (a big no no for next time).
3. More about Google Apps in the future.

Thanks to the C. and S. from The Google Apps Team.

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