Yesha to Join JVP Studio as EIR

As you may know I have joined JVP Studio as an EIR (entrepreneur-in-residence). This is a neutral move (that came very quickly I must say). I have been working with JVP on various Metaverse ideas for few months and we felt that it is ripe to go forward. Here’s a little about JVP Studio:

JVP Studio is the creative and financial home of exceptional seed stage companies focusing on enterprise and media-related software. The Studio’s mission is to provide a suite of critical services including seed financing, management guidance, infrastructure and strategic direction to outstanding entrepreneurs. JVP Studio offers a solid yet inventive framework for young companies seeking to make their mark in world markets.

JVP Studio is affiliated with JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners) which has a strong focus on New Media. JVP has already invested in companies like Forttera, Emergent, Double Fusion, Funtactix, Gamearray. This is going to be hard work and fun :-).

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