Investing in Virtual Worlds as Part of the Virtual World Conference

As part of Virtual Worlds in San Jose, I participated in the “Investing in Virtual Worlds”

Investors are in the rare position to have a 30,000 foot view of the landscape. Looking at markets and trends and the entire ecology of the market leaders from the investment community come together in this session and discuss investing virtual worlds. What are the best investment plays in still emerging virtual worlds value chain: platform operators, tools and middleware providers, metaverse developers, pure virtual start up companies, service providers or some as of yet unseen operating company. Panelists will discuss today’s business environment, the evolution of the marketplace and where the next growth opportunities are likely to materialize.

– Susan Wu, Partner, Charles River Ventures
– Scott Raney, Venture Capitalist, Redpoint Ventures
– Yesha Sivan, EIR – Metaverse, JVP Studio Ventures
– Sharon Weinbar, Managing Director, Scale Venture Partners
– Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO, SDForum (moderator)

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