Open Source/Standards Metaverse as Part of Virtual Worlds

I had the pleasure of moderating this panel. It was the last session of the second day — and about 50 people attended. (Among them people from Open Sim) A good group. It is always a pleasure to see how “open” is being viewed by different people. Open source, open development, open distribution. These are all different things often lumped together (ahah LAMP= Linux, Apache, MySql, Php).

This was the official blurb:

A number of open source, standards-based virtual worlds initiatives are already underway around the world. Now, for the first time, industry leaders come together to discuss these opportunities, and share their insight. In what is certainly expected to be the “cannot miss” session for developers, we invite you to join a group of technology leaders and open source proponents from around the world in any interactive discussion on the issues surrounding opens source and standards-based virtual worlds.
– Trevor F. Smith, Founder, Transmutable
– Karl Haberl, Director, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
– Jeff Barr, Senior Web Services Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
– Bryan O’Sullivan, Hacker, Linden Lab
– Yesha Sivan, EIR – Metaverse, JVP Studio Ventures – Moderator

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