Meet me at Virtual Worlds 2008, NYC Apr 3-4

This year seems to be a lot of new and old people in the big Apple.

The focus this is: The Future of Media, Marketing and Entertainment

Virtual Worlds 2008 is where leading media, consumer entertainment, youth brands and agencies come to understand how to monetize their intellectual property using virtual worlds.

Entertainment brands and youth-oriented companies are increasingly integrating virtual worlds into their product mix. Forward thinking brand advertisers and agencies are aligning themselves with high-quality virtual worlds franchises in order to further engage consumers.

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” Thus wrote Marshall McLuhan, author
of “Understanding the Media.” We can consider “Real Virtual Worlds” (AKA the Metaverse) as a new tool, a new medium, crawling and advancing, preparing to pounce on us in the next years. A medium combining entertainment, learning and work into one experience – that is its power and therein its danger.

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