IBM Haifa Reserch Lab: Real Virtual Worlds: Key Technical Challenges (with Focus on MLM Virtual Goods)

This is computer science seminar where I will cover three topics:
– Intro to Virtual Worlds.
– Key Technical Challenges in Virtual Worlds.
– Focus on the MLM Virtual Goods Challenge.


Real Virtual Worlds are defined as a three-dimensional worlds in which human characters spend their time, play, work and live. A definition is proposed – 3D3C: 3D for the three dimensions of this interactive world and 3C for Community in which people connect with one another, Creation that allows people to express themselves and Commerce that links real monetary value to actions in this world. Current business models — what works and what does not work — as seen today in Second Life, the first example of a real virtual world, are described. To fulfill the immense potential we need to overcome several technical barriers — this barriers calls for new
algorithms, and define a research agenda in this topic.

One such technical challenge is the issue of MLM Virtual Goods management. MLM stand for Multi Level Marketing — a known and sometimes problematic scheme or real sales — yet MLM like sales method has an important meaning when it comes to virtual goods. Baring in mind, that internet:ads==virtual worlds:virtual goods, the ability to sell, cross sell, up-sell, co-sell takes a specific meaning.

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