Nice idea by ExitReality: Taking 2D into the 3D

As part of the Metaverse1 research I got some new ideas for platforms. One is nicely demonstrated by ExitReality. This 3D browser addon allow you to add a URL of a web site and see it in 3D. If you own the web site you will be able to modify the look and feel of your 3D version of the site.

Here’s how my web site looked today in 3D (click to see a bigger view)

Look at the 2D, 3D URL line. The avatar can look into the text, pictures, see the videos, etc. Fun.

Conference: Education, Culture, and Virtaul Worlds

I will be giving a short talk about virtual worlds in this unique event that share a partnership between colleges in Israel.

Info about the conference:
Poster of the conference In Hebrew and Arabic.

I will be joined by two speakers: Dr. Hanan Yaniv, from Canada who will share his experience with the Virtual Interactive Mazes and Jeremiah Spence from Texas who will share his epreinces in Brazil.

Here’s the invite in English:

The Fifth Conference on Technology and Multiculturalism:
Education, Culture and Virtual Worlds

The conference will take place on Thursday 12.2.2009 at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Derech Namir, Tel Aviv, in Hall 70

13.00-13.30- reception

13.30-15.30- F2F meetings of groups of students from the course “advanced online learning environments” (students from Arab colleges, secular Jewish colleges and religious Jewish colleges have their first F2F meeting)*

15.30-16.00- break and refreshments

16.00-16.15- Greetings

16.15-17.00: Chair- Dr. Elaine Hoter
“Virtual Worlds” – Dr. Yesha Sivan
“Education in the Virtual World-from theory to practice”,
Jeremiah Spence, USA
Dr. Hanan Yaniv, Canada

17.00-17.45: Panel discussion, Education, culture and Virtual worlds
The Psychological perspective, Dr. Yehuda Ben Oriah
The Sociological perspective, Dr. Shai Frugal
The cultural perspective, Asmaa Ganayam

17.45- 18.00: Discussion and closure- Dr. Miri Shonfeld

* The participating teaching colleges: Al-Kasami College of Education, David Yellin College of Education, Levinsky College of Education, The Arab College of Education Haifa, Lipshitz College of Education, Sachnin College of Education, Talpiot College of Education and The Kibbutzim College of Education.

There is no participation fee but we request that you register in advance
Email 03-6901281

New Face to Second Life Web Site

Yesterday I have logged into the Second Life web site for some mundane task. I was surprised to see a new face that included 16 small boxes of images from Second life.

It took me few seconds to react, then I noticed that you can scroll the pictures to the left and the right to see even more pictures. Some of the pictures (like the one titled “work”) has a small video in it… cool.

This new face, is yet one more “good thing” that is part of the 2009 Second Life. See also my post re Finally a Clear Future for Second Life: Linden to buy the Amazon of Virtual Worlds (XstreetSL and OnRez). I also notice a simplified login process for new users in an effort to make life a bit easier for new users.

Finally a Clear Future for Second Life: Linden to buy the Amazon of Virtual Worlds (XstreetSL and OnRez)

I have worked hard to phrase this heading… I wanted to share the very good feel 🙂 I had this morning when I got an email from Linden Lab, the maker of Second Life, stating it is now the “owner” of the XSteetSL and OnRez.

XstreetSL (formally known as SLexchange) was the premier place to do shopping in Second Life (OnRez was similar in scope but less friendly to me). Both firms allowed users to buy from merchants in the same ease of Amazon. You could compare prices, read comments. The “heavy” users of Second Life used these sites to quickly get a feel of what is new, compare, get feedback, and buy raw materails (like textures, animations, etc.).

Why is this such good news? for Second Life and for us?

For the first time I see a clear busines model to Second Life. A busienss model that will allow Second Life to thrive. During the last year, in various ocasions I have noted that I simply do not see a clear busienss model for second life. Selling islands and open sourcing did not work togther. Now I see it…

As a merchant I did not care about 5%-10% Xstreet fee. After all Sstreet did give me a service. As a shopper I do not care — because this fee was bundled into the price. This model is also used by IMVU (but they also charge fee per listing, and a MUCH higher fee which makes the entire transaction less valuable last time I checked wich was early 2008).

Having a clear business model fro Second Life is a must. Because without a business model (read: paying salaries) Linden will not be able to continue to develop Second Life — and the one system that has the chance to become the global virtual worlds will go to visit Netscape in the graveyard of good ideas gone bad.

I’m also impressed by the fact that Linden got the two main players and what seems to be a decidve move. so well done. I’m happy.

See more details in the Linden Blog