18..20-Jun-2013: Facing Tomorrow Peres Conference in Israel

I partake in many events. This  Facing Tomorrow Peres Conference in Israel is the most valuable in terms of diversity of ideas and caliber of people. The focus of this conference (now in its fifth year) is the Human Factor. Indeed a good focus. I have made amazing connections with top-level innovators from all over the world. This is a merge of the global and the Israeli.
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I will end with a quote by Peres:

“My experience has taught me that people tend to underestimate the tremendous ability within them, and yet mankind has the power to make a difference to ensure the betterment of our collective tomorrow. The test of leaders lies in understanding this truth. Their role is to set the goals and pave the routes to free the power and wisdom within all of us. Leaders should govern less and serve more.”

 Shimon Peres

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