Call for Volunteers = Free Tickets >> Milan INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Dec 15-18 2013

I’m on the board of this conference — and you may get to visit it free … if you care to volunteer.
Ohh… and you can come also to our Virtual Worlds event on Sun.

Introduction to ICIS
ICIS is the major annual meeting of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), which has over 4,000 members representing universities in over 95 countries worldwide. It is the most prestigious gathering of academics and practitioners in the IS discipline, and provides a forum for networking and sharing of latest ideas and highest caliber scientific work among the IS professions. Each year, over 1,000 IS academics professionals from around the world participate in the conference program, which includes about 60 sessions and 180 presentations, in addition to keynotes, CIO panels, and research panels.
In 2013 ICIS will be hosted in Bocconi University, Milan.
Call for Volunteers
Traditionally, the organization of ICIS conferences has always been supported by highly motivated and skilled volunteers. The idea behind having volunteers is to support the growth of junior people involved or interested in IS topics by giving them the opportunity to attend the conference in exchange of a small effort. 
Benefits of being volunteers at ICIS
Enriching your CV
ICIS is the most prestigious international conference on Information Systems. Having such an experience in your CV is pure value added.
Being exposed to state-of-the-art scientific and practitioner knowledge
ICIS gathers the top academics and practitioners of the sector from around the world. This is an invaluable opportunity to learn from the most skilled people in the IS field.
ICIS does not only represent an event to deliver knowledge and experiences but it is also social event. Being involved as volunteers allows you to develop relationships with the most notable IS experts.
Schedule and effort required and
ICIS Conference will be held from December 15th to December 18th however other ancillary meetings will be held starting from December 14th. Volunteers are not asked to be on duty all the days.
Volunteers are asked a minimum of 15 hours of service in order to receive a complimentary conference registration. 
A complimentary conference registration admits to all conference events.
In particular:
  • paper sessions
  • keynote session
  • meals
  • social events. 
Volunteers  Job Description
Volunteers may be involved in different activities. Following some examples of the possible main tasks.
Job Description: Assist conference attendees with registering procedures. Distribute name badges and any other materials.
Volunteers must be proficient in English, friendly and hospitable.

Greeters and Directional
Job Description: Greeters have the office of answering attendees questions and helping them to navigate through the various areas of the Bocconi University.
Volunteers must be proficient in English, have a good sense of direction, outgoing, knowledgeable of Milan downtown area and willing to understand the layout of the meeting spaces. 
Paper Session Monitors
Job Description:  check-in presenters, make sure all needs are taken care of and perform session head counts.  Monitors will remain in or directly outside the rooms at all times.
Volunteers must be proficient in English, outgoing, not afraid to ask for help
Poster Session
Job Description: provide assistance, where needed, to the poster presenters. 
Volunteers must be proficient in English, outgoing, not afraid to ask for help
Selection Process
Volunteers will be selected based on their CV, motivation and availability.
If you are interested please, fill the form available in the Volunteers section of the ICIS website
Please, remember to:
  • upload your CV
  • explain the reason why you would like to become a volunteer
  • mention your availability constraints, if any (remember that the main conference will be held from December 15th to December 18th but on December 14th there will be other important meetings).
For any question you can contact the Volunteers Coordinator:
Prof. Marco Sampietro

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