16-Feb-2022: DW Business interview with Prof. Yesha Sivan

An interview for the German news channel DW Business, about the future of Metaverse.

Interview with Prof. Yesha Sivan for the German news channel DW Business, about the future of Metaverse

Prof. Sivan explained that the Metaverse will affect our lives in a similar way as the Internet does today. As a result, the perception of the users may also be affected, since this is a platform where a new identity can be assumed or hidden. According to Prof. Sivan, most users will maintain their identity, since Matevers is essentially a way to manage our lives, be it work, studies, relationships, or businesses, so they will prefer to do so in their own image.

Dr. Sivan stated that Disney’s activities in this field are based on the concept of adopting an identity. Instead of watching the main actor in a conventional story, the user will be the one interacting with the other characters in the story.

The DW News presenter, Rob Watts, wondered if different types of metaverses would emerge as a result of the tech companies’ involvement. Prof. Sivan expects two main types: the first will be from a specific metaverse by one specific company (such as Microsoft’s direction in the field.) The second will be similar to the way the internet works today, a combination of the different versions into one unified Metaverse. Both types are a result of the unique technology of the Metaverse that touches on very many areas.

Prof. Sivan said at the end of the interview that he is not afraid of the large technology companies’ access to such intrusive areas of our private lives and pointed out that most of the information is used for advertising and commercial purposes even today. It is his expectation that technology will evolve from a number of different companies and contribute to our quality of life.

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