20-Sep-2023: WIPO Conversation – Generative AI and IP

In the past few years, the rapid pace of technological advancements has created a paradigm shift in the way creative works are produced and distributed. With the ability to create novel and realistic content such as images, music, and even text, generative AI has the potential to revolutionize multiple industries. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms continue to play a growing role in the creation of music, images, and other forms of content, and thus raises diverse IP questions.


The eighth session of the WIPO Conversation – Generative AI and IP will provides a platform for in-depth exploration and dialogue, aiming to navigate the intricate interplay between generative AI and intellectual property rights.


20-Sep-2023 — 11:00 Jerusalem; 10:00 Geneva (hybrid)



DigitalRosh Founder and CEO Yesha Sivan will participate in Panel 1: Regulation of Generative AI: Do you feel the need… the need for speed? (Emerging Trends in Generative AI).


With technical developments in the Generative AI field speeding up, there is increasing discussion about the need for regulation to keep up. Some voices have called for a moratorium on AI development to allow appropriate frameworks to be established. This panel will look at the emerging regulatory questions and approaches, asking what is needed to ensure human-centric, unbiased, ethical, and accessible Generative AI systems and which role IP has to play. The panel will discuss whether regulation can keep up with technological developments as well as the ethical and social implications of Generative AI, including concerns around bias and the impact on jobs and creativity.

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