09-Jan-2024: DigitalRosh Community Meeting -The AGI Elephant Q1 2024

DigitalRosh 1st community meeting for 2024, held on January 9th, was about Artificial General Intelligence for Business: The AGI Elephant Q1 2024 – Summary, Updates and Insights. The meeting, led by DigitalRosh founder & CEO Prof. Yesha Sivan, delved into AGI’s rapid advancements and new capabilities.

He presented the new developments, opportunities, and risks that come with the latest advancements of AI in many if not all, fields of our lives.

He delved into AGI’s rapid advancements and presented his choice of the top 10 cases and principles with fascinating examples.

The selected Top 10 Cases and Principles:

  1. Aloha Robot” — How Close Are We to Winning the Wozniak Test?
  2. Puzzle” — Thinking with Code
  3. Cruise” — When Things Go Wrong
  4. Ask Yesha” — A Case of Do-It-Yourself
  5. Perplexity” — The Battle of Open Source
  6. NYT” — Who Owns What
  7. Midjourney v6” — The Rate of Progress
  8. PIKA” — The Future of Actors, Movies, and More
  9. From 25 to 45” — The Truth About Truth
  10. Retina/EEG/and More” — Knowing Too Much

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