AskYesha GPT – A Case of Do-It-Yourself

I have tried a new thing: Building my own GPT. As you might know, I’m a very busy guy. Often, people ask me all kinds of questions, and I want to answer, and answer politely and to the point. Lots of work. So, come to the rescue – GPT – the new technology introduced in November 2022.

The idea is quite simple: you use GPT to build your own GPT. If you have access (you need to be authorized) you get to a special page where you can ask Yesha a question and get Yesha’s answer. What does it mean?

I fed the system with a description of how I wanted it to answer, uploaded my top 20 analytical papers, and pointed it to my website which includes posts from over 10 years of sharing my interests. I told GPT to use that as the major prime resource. On top of that, of course, you have all of ChatGPT resources as well. Now you can really ask Yesha something – and literally, get Yesha to answer you.

During my lecture at the DigitalRosh Community meeting the AGI Elephant Q1 2024 held on January 9, 2024, I demonstrated the use of Dalle-3 by asking it to create an image based on Yesha’s look, as well as demonstrating some business content questions that yielded relatively good answers depending on the quality and details of the prompt/question.

In all, it was a fascinating experience – building the bot with the help of the ChatGPT bot, giving it precise instructions like importance and priorities.

AskYesh GPT bot might be available at OpenAI GPTs store, launched earlier this month.

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