06-Nov-2015: CIV2015HK The Future of Venture

I’m especially happy to connect my work on the Future of Venture and the work I do in HK.
CIV2015HK is Coller Institute of Venture prime annual research/practice event. We are bringing top industry and academia experts to one of the best venues (cyberport) in the one of best cities in the world (Hong Kong).

CIV2015HK Bloomerg Ad (20% discount code CP-2025)

Over 20 speakers, 5 sessions, 3 co-events, key sponsors, good people (over 50 people are already signed up), and relaxed (yes, mindful) spirit — all — to allow us to think creatively about the venture focusing on :

  • How new firms can be created more effectively,
  • How we cause investors to gain more value with less risk,
  • How we encourage LPs to invest more, again with more certainty 
  • and What are the right government policies to make it so.

All the details:

  • Conference site: http://www.collerinstituteofventure.org/civ2015hk/
  • Registration (last tab) you can use the 20% discount promotional code YS3527
  • See our research co-event on Sat Nov 7th. With top researches.
  • See our HK GOV IT workshop  co-event on :how IT can connect with Venture” (by invite only).
  • See AVCJ conference — one of the biggest industry events in HK on 2-5 Nov — http://www.avcjforum.com/

Registration: http://www.collerinstituteofventure.org/civ2015hk/#Register
Need more details: email noa AT collerinstituteofventure.org

Looking forward to seeing you in HK Nov 6th.

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