15-Jul-2020: Prof. Sivan participating in the Financial Times live-webinar: The Science of Self-Disruption: Innovating without Boundaries


When markets are shaken by unexpected events, organisations don’t just need to be strong, they need to be flexible. In the coronavirus crisis, many businesses have been left exposed because of an ingrained reluctance to disrupt themselves. But without embracing new ideas and technologies in a changing world, they may struggle to stay relevant. 

Self-disruption involves developing new skills, new offerings and entirely new cultures. While moving beyond established processes can be difficult to justify in the short term, especially if it involves cannibalising existing offerings, decision-makers and policymakers should think long-term and aim to build confidence in self-disruption as a strategic tool for growth.

It’s time to talk about the science of self-disruption. This FT Digital Dialogue, organised in partnership with Philip Morris International, will discuss how organisations can positively disrupt themselves by innovating in new areas, increasing operational agility, redefining relationships and reviewing regulatory environments.

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What are some examples of self-disruption we have seen recently?
What is the role of scientific research in building a case for self-disruption?
How can businesses connect with consumers in the current environment?
What are some of the emerging technologies at the forefront of self-disruption?
How can organisations overcome resistance to self-disruption and the risks of cannibalising existing offerings?
How could regulatory environments be made more flexible to support self-disruption?


9:45am – Access to webinar opens
10:00am – Discussion begins
10:40am – Q&A
10:50am – Discussion closes


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