DRS (Digital Mindset) – July Series: Learning from the World

July topic at the Digital Mindset “Live” – Month of the Dragon: “Learning from the World.” A month we observe, listen, and learn how others cope with the global changes. We can’t go anywhere so we bring the world inhouse. Tuesdays at 10:00 AM.

Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Eilon. Founder: Prof. Yesha Sivan

More information and registration: https://digitalrosh.com/odot-july/

This month’s series includes:

July 7 – Learning from the World: Community meeting. Behind the scenes of the “Digital Mindset” – the home for the Digital Leaders of Israel, about the establishment of the digital leaders’ community – what is behind and towards, and what is going on.

July 14 – Learning from the World: San Francisco & the USA — Silicon Valley and the concept of technological innovation as a management tool with Dan Feld, from Google.

July 21 – Learning from the World: Shenzhen and China — with Prof. Michael Zhang – Professor of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Business school, and with Tal Gal-On, Director – Israeli Innovation Center, RITS & Leaguer group. An overview of the digital world in China, including an in-depth look at “tech giants” and case studies from the Israeli business community in Hong Kong.

July 28 – Learning from the World: Paris and Classic Europe, with Antonio Espania Soriano from Accenture Europe.

The previous month we dealt with “Accelerating Change” – the main theme of June 2020. A case study of a product launch strategy in digital-physical: Digital car sales accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis. Trends in the cyber world, and Digital Transformation in one of the largest organizations in Israel: IDF.

See the July series promo (Hebrew) for a review of the subjects.

The broadcast will be run on Zoom Webinar technology (which requires personal access) and will have the following standard schedule:

10:00-10:50 An in-depth presentation of the meeting topic by the presenting guests.
10:50-11:10-minute refreshment break.
11:00-11:40 Open and guided discussion with the guest, community members, and panelists.
11:40: 11:50 Finish and evaluate.

More information and registration: https://digitalrosh.com

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