DRS (Digital Mindset) – August Series: Ride the Wave

August topic at the Digital Mindset “Live” – the month of the Dolphin: “Ride the Wave.” We will host guests from three companies that harnessed the digital not only to survive the wave of the COVID-19 crisis but to ride the wave(s) towards growth. Tuesdays at 10:00 AM.

Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Eilon. Founder: Prof. Yesha Sivan

More information and registration: https://digitalrosh.com/live-august/

This month’s series includes:

August 4 – Learning from the World: Community meeting. Behind the scenes of the “Digital Mindset” – the home for the Digital Leaders of Israel, about the establishment of the digital leaders’ community – what is behind, what lies ahead, and what is going on.

August 11 – Shufersal CEO Itzik Abercohen will explain how the company is dealing with a surge of digital consumers in the Corona era.

August 18 – Tony Cohen, Head of the Services and Marketing Division at Maccabi Healthcare, will talk about the quantity and the variety of digital services during the COVID-19 health crisis.

August 25 – Ahead of the school year, most of which will be probably at home, we will meet with BrainPOP founder Dr. Avraham Kadar and CEO Scott Kirkpatrick to hear how they were forced to “implement a three-year strategic plan in a month.”

The previous month we dealt with “Learning from the World.” A month we observed, listened, and learned how others cope with the global changes. We brought the world to us with the Dragon: From USA and the Silicon Valley, through China and Shenzhen, and all the way to Europe – we learned how organizations handled the challenges facing the changing environment. 

See the August series promo (Hebrew) for a review of the subjects.

The broadcast will be run on Zoom Webinar technology (which requires personal access) and will have the following standard schedule:

10:00-10:50 An in-depth presentation of the meeting topic by the presenting guests.
10:50-11:10-minute refreshment break.
11:00-11:40 Open and guided discussion with the guest, community members, and panelists.
11:40: 11:50 Finish and evaluate.

More information and registration: https://digitalrosh.com

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